The Unter Uns is a private club that was established to promote the German Heritage through music and song and to faithfully continue it for recreation and entertainment.

In the fall of 1920, the Germany community was falling apart.  The Gemütlichkeit (sense of belonging) among the German people was diminishing.  Six German men got together and decided music and sociability would help keep the German community together.  They formed a small Musikkappelle (band) to make the German community more festive.  The six men were:  Johann Letscher, Max Rettenberger, Tobias Letscher, Alois Steinbugl, Johann Well, and Albert Muehlbauer.

Albert Muehlbauer was elected as teacher and director of the band.  The public did not understand the purpose, because of the strong appearance of the musicians; they called the band “Kappelle Fürchterlich” meaning “Frightening Band.”

In 1921, they called a meeting and decided they would establish a social club.  The following are the first members:  Albert Muehlbauer, Johann Letcher, Tobias Letcher, Alois Steinbugl, Johann Well, and Max Rettenberger.  Along with Frank Arnold, Ignaz Ullrich, Johann Dirrig, Alois Oberneder, Louis G. Lamade, Joseph Salzberger, and Karl Antesberger, worked on and established the charter.

On New Year’s Day 1922, the first meeting was held.  It was decided to lease land for 6 months from Ignaz Ullrich to have picnics, dances and concerts to generate money for the Society.

In July 1922, the charter was made legal and the “Musik und Vergnügungs Verein, Unter Uns” (Music and Entertainment Society, Unter Uns) was officially formed.

In September 1922, a piece of land was purchased at Van Buren & 14th Street, a Club House was built and today remains the current home of the Unter Uns (Among Us).